The negative consequences of moving Fireworks

1st at 7 o'clock in the morning, Jin gang names, urban community 12 a suite on the 15th floor balcony catches fire, washing machines, air conditioners outside on the balcony, and all were burned, fires also blackened the balcony above the exterior wall of the building. Surprising is that the affected heads said the cause of the fire was set off fireworks when the downstairs tenants moved into Mars fall lit balcony, laundry facilities caused by foam. And, also because of the same reasons, in more than 20 days ago, had lost their balcony over the fight after it was discovered in a timely manner.

it is learnt that the jiaocheng district, this fire was fire brigade officers and men in time, causing no casualties.  

smoke blackened the exterior walls of the building were

washing machine burnt out on the balcony

fire witnesses Mr Nguyen was owner of the 11-floor suite on the 15th floor. He told reporters yesterday at about 7 o'clock in the morning, he went downstairs to buy early, looked up and saw high on a balcony of the building was on fire. "The fire was fierce, smoke ascendeth up", Mr Nguyen thought Mr Pang is the next-door neighbor's porch was on fire, they hurry to call Mr Peng, Peng still sleeping after receiving the call, quickly out of view, is the upstairs balcony on fire, immediately called the police.

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