Falling house prices rising rents

yesterday Mr yan Qiao CAI three complaints in Hankou, he came to Han working people in xiaogan, 2 years ago at the third eye bridge, renting a private home, rent of 300 yuan/month, signed a 3-year contract. Late last year, landlords said rent around price, and his plan to increase by 100 Yuan, he agreed.  

in October of this year, Zhang came to collect rent and let him after two months rent plus 100 Yuan a month. He questions: "the contract has not expired, how can the free price? "The landlord left saying:" don't want to rent can be removed. "In early November, the landlord pressed him to leave, said the reconstruction of village in this House is to be demolished, along with the landlords had to move. Feud violence rising rent, and he moved out.

the day before yesterday, he acted after the original rental, they found the House up, but inside they moved into the new tenant, the rent rose to 550 Yuan per month. In this regard, yesterday admitted that reconstruction move was just an excuse.

in counsel's view, contract, landlord price is a unilateral breach without authorization, the lessee has the right to refuse to pay rising rent, but in fact, tenants are an underprivileged group, and landlord negotiation.

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