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according to Ms Cao, was last month she moved home, then found a company called "honest" moving company for its services. "I do not understand the market, thought that moving companies are similar, just glancing at the small poster a call, a female reception I say rate is like my home 300 yuan. "In the process of moving, and moving workers responsible for the CAO said, like that of her family needed the money. "Workers told me, our family cupboard, fridge, colour TV and bed do not meet specifications, need extra money, say this is the norm, I think since they are all here, plus money plus money. But when you move accounts, I was dumbfounded, saying Cabinet, refrigerator plus 80 Yuan, plus 100 Yuan, aquariums also add 100, only when I tank and buy 80. So, to pay almost everything in our family, and eventually asked me for a 1200 Yuan. " 

     Cao moved event on the ladies a lot of fire, "it has been a long time coming I am this is not, in fact, when he first started and I want so much money, I don't care, moved out for more money, I seem to be deceived. "  Be sure to move to find a professional moving company!

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