Irregular black moved the public

residents of foreign workers by continuing to mail fake public, Gong Xing, daily, farming, such as moving companies ads and "coupons" to deceive the general public, and seriously damage the interests of the residents, damaged normal moving companies credibility. These bogus moving companies often door behind him, the first residents after some heavy moving, started a racetrack getting money, deadbeat after damaged items, or even stealing their property, these small ads on the so-called "telephone" is simply nonsense.       

            coupons are bait;

      yesterday, Mr Huang had received in the mail a piece of small paper, reads: "mass moving coupons, coupon is 58 Yuan" and so on, and Volkswagen moving transport company the Red Seal. According to him, 10 days ago, he rented a House, ready to move some furniture and household items, and later in the mail box to see this small paper, according to telephone appointment move. Mr sunny WONG moved the following day, the other answered, we're all van, rain is no problem. Then set the next morning move, price good for 208, deduct 58 coupons as long as pay 150 yuan in cash.       

      big move out of shuawulai       

     Mr Huang had a busy night pack everything scattered, the next morning a 2 ton General truck, instead of a van truck, leading a foreign accent of the man told him the same, Mr WONG also told the man handling the price had talked on the phone. After several large couches and moving out, 4 men around him said: "fare". Mr Wong stressed that the price is about well in advance, "you bad move, don't move, but these things are clearly on the phone, nothing more. "4 men refused, Mr WONG can only be called" reservation ", a woman of foreign accent told him to consult with Porter, then hang up the phone.       

     prank in the trackbacks       

     subsequently, the 4 men began moving things, only to hear a bang sound, water dispenser broken, workers and that was hands down. Lead man stepped forward to say, it's not intentional, you can say that we would not have moved. Mr Huang was in a dilemma. Lead men open a receipt for 350 Yuan, to pay him, and told him the broken water dispenser gives you away.       

     counterfeit goods can not find       

     Mr WONG to call complaints, results can not find such "companies", he rides his bicycle to the "reservation number" what address to find simply could not be found. He asked 114 queries to true mass moving companies, the answer is that this is a fake "public", true mass never residents feel free to mail any advertisements or "coupons".      

     Mr Huang will be moved up after he was stamped, a thread blanket was gone; the glass coffee table is also missing; a clock gone.      

     subsequently, the reporters that "mass remove coupon" on the appointment after the phone number is dialed, a foreign accent of the man said they were anchored in public. Then again, they were "da XING", the man said, Mr WONG's water dispenser is worthless, he did not reveal something.

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