Fuzhou customs of moving

preparation: bamboo two (unlimited length), two barrel two, red hair broom, red string, straws, cigarette lighters, red lanterns.

program: out Qian put bamboo two and broom prior with red string tied good (some people said also to with couplets red paper first wrapped good Hou again tied red rope), a only red barrels loaded half barrels water, another a only red barrels loaded meters, from old home to new home road note water cannot sprinkled, behind put meters loaded into new home meters barrels;

to a new home: the burning rice straw at the door (after people and things from the straw), barrel carrying rice entered first, followed by a water barrel (later in this bucket of water to take to boil water or cook the meals can be to the family taking implications for soil and water);

bamboo door, followed by a broom into the door, at this time to use a broom to sweep 3 (estimated to be moral blessing swept through the door, guess)-closed for a minute;

carrying bamboo walk a mile in each room, sweeping rooms holding brooms and last broom to sweep out from the door 3 times and 3 minutes behind closed doors; back with moving companies come in, then find time to hang red lanterns, ceremony

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